New Mixtapes Are Here!
Written by phixed   
Sunday, 01 August 2010 21:08

It's been awhile and we have 33 new mixes posted from Adam Beyer, Astral Matrix, Chad Mindrive, Davey Dave, Derrick Carter, Dica, DJ Bone, Frankie Bones, Glenn Garcia, Hyperactive, Jahred, Jimmy Crash, Mike Dearborn, Nigel Richards, Paul Johnson, Prototype 909, Regis, Scott Hardkiss, Steve Kuehl, T-1000, Titonton Duvante, Venom & X-Dream.  The names this time around speak for themselves and the mixes are every bit as good as you would expect them to be.

We also want to thank Jeffrey Jenkins Multimedia for volunteering to remaster some of the shabbier sounding mixes.  Their first contribution is Volume 1 of  Hyperactive's Sound of the Underground and it sounds much better than the version originally posted here.  If it's a mixtape you revisit regularly, we highly recommend grabbing the new version of it.

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+1 #5 Jon Schommer 2010-09-10 22:43
more new mixes will be coming by me very soon. Prototype 909, Frankie Bones, Robert Armani, even some by me Druminfected as well. Awaiting a email to figure out how RA all wants to do this since it's worldwide baby.

so glad I found this community....I've arrived late so I need to make up some time!

+4 #4 phixed 2010-08-09 09:18
Also new this batch:

Glenn Garcia - Vivid (Volume 1)
Jahred - Vivid (Volume 1)
+2 #3 Jon 2010-08-08 01:48
Here's a full list of the new mixes upped in this batch:

Adam Beyer - Live @ 420, Cleveland 1997
Adam Beyer - Live @ Turned On, Minneapolis
Astral Matrix - Live @ Utopia, Toronto
Chad Mindrive - Talking Drum
Davey Dave - Groovy Wonderland
Derrick Carter - Genre
Jon Dica - Joy In Destroying
DJ Bone - Live @ Fuse, Detroit 1995
Frankie Bones - Bus To Blue mix
Frankie Bones - Factory 10
Glenn Garcia/Jahred - Vivid Vol. 1
DJ Hyperactive - Live @ Earthquake, Chicago
DJ Hyperactive - SOUR Vol. 1 [remastered!]
Jimmy Crash - Rainbow Vols. 1 & 2
Mike Dearborn - Live @ 420, Cleveland 1996
Mike Dearborn - Live @ 420, Cleveland 1997
Nigel Richards - Insomnia
Paul Johnson - Time Consuming
Prototype 909 - Live in Memphis 1995
Regis - Live PA in Philadelphia 1996
Scott Hardkiss - Live @ Room Zero
Scott Hardkiss - The Haze
Scott Hardkiss - Yes
Steve Kuehl - Base Current Overload
Steve Kuehl - Hardware
T-1000 - Live @ Supercollider, 1997
T-1000 - Live @ Motor, Detroit 2000
Titonton Duvante - Drum N Bass Mix
Venom - Exit To Hard House
X-Dream - What Is This Thing Called Sleep?
+2 #2 Jon 2010-08-04 09:51
Thanks for the heads-up, Jonathan -- have fixed those links! Hope everything works now; really appreciate it. More coming in the wings. Next update should be tons of classic hardcore/gabber if that's your thing. :) Any requests you have, I'll do my best to honour.

+1 #1 Jonathan Pearson 2010-08-04 06:49
Guys - it seems many of the links above have an extra / in them and are broken. FYI

Thanks for posting all these new mixes.

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