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Tuesday, 08 November 2011 00:00

Welcome to everyone who is a first time visitor today.  Feel free to look around and more importantly make it a regular stop!  We are always accepting donations to keep this thing running, and I have a feeling we are especially going to need some to cover the increased bandwidth costs after this week.  Please hit the Paypal Link to the right if you can help.  If you have physical media donations please send me an email through the Contacts Link also on the right, it's been down for a few months but is now working again so if you havn't got a reply try it again!



Hope you're all well out there in nostalgic raveland! We're reaching out today because we can really use your help in making the site even better.

Right now, we're transferring around 800GB of data every month, and using 250GB of disk space. We have zero advertising, zero user walls, and we're trying to keep this site as open and as free as possible -- true to the what the scene’s always been about.

Since word of mouth is spreading like wildfire, we’re in the market for a new host. (An Apache server would be ideal, but we're open to other options.) A few technical details: The site currently runs on Joomla, and we drive the music section of the site via Zina.

So we really need your help! Please get in contact with Adam if you have any ideas how how to help the site.

As always, in keeping site costs in check, your donations are massively helpful. Thanks to all the supporters thus far; it really warms our hearts. If you haven't donated yet, please consider doing so. Even $10 can go a long way!

Since the last update, we’ve also put up a bunch of new tapes (many courtesy of Josh Glazer's rare collection) from: Amene, Baby Hec Romero, Boo Williams, Carl Craig, ChrisE, Chip Wankler, Clark Werner, D-84, D-Wynn, Danny The Wildchild, DJ Funk, DMC, Donger, Eric Hinchman, Felix Da Housecat, Geoff K, Greedy, Halo, Hipp-E, Hyperactive, John Aquaviva,Jon Dica, Juan Atkins, Kimberly Nyx, Laurent Garnier, Matt Michaels, Matt Positive, Miles Maeda, Merlyn, Misfit, Mixmaster Morris, Recloose, Rees Urban, Richie Hawtin, Robert Owens, Rotator, Roy Davis Jr, Simon Apex, Sleepy C, Smileshot, SpeedyQs, Speedy J, Spencer Kincy, Stratus, Terrence Parker, and Vortex.

Full list of new tapes is behind the cut. Enjoy! 


Amene - Live at Advanced Technology

Baby Hec Romero - Live at Motor

Boo Williams - Back In The Day
Boo Williams - Into The Future
Carl Craig - Detroit Technology Radio Show
ChrisE & Dica - Live at Advanced Technology (3-table tagteam set)
Chip Wankler - Zoo Question Mark?
Clark Werner - Live on 89.7
D-84 - Sidrasonic
D-Wynn - Live in Toronto
Danny The Wildchild - Live at Direct Drive
Danny The Wildchild - Wild Style
DJ Funk - Ghetto Freaks
DMC - Edit Mania
Donger - Booty House Open Decks (Mars Hotel Summer 2000)
Donger - No Shame
Donger - Waffle House
Eric Hinchman - Untitled Mix
Felix Da Housecat - Live at Liquid Adrenaline Time Warp 3
Geoff K - Flying Low
Geoff K - Jiggy High
Geoff K - What About Tuesday?
Greedy - Ghetto Workout
Halo & Hipp-E - Live on 4 Tables at Foundation Nite Life
Halo - On A Mission
Hyperactive - From A To Outer Space
John Aquaviva - Live at Vault
Kimberly Nyx - Trancemission
Laurent Garnier - Live at Montpellier
Matt Michaels - Beautiful Disaster
Matt Positive - Live at Advanced Technology
Merlyn - Red
Miles Maeda - Live at Direct Drive
Miles Maeda - Meltdown 15
Misfit - Pressure 97
Misfit - The Return
Mixmaster Morris - Live in Chicago 1994
Recloose - Detroit Technology Radio Show
Rees Urban & Sleepy C - Drunk
Richie Hawtin - Live at Aufschwung Ost Kassel
Robert Owens - Live In New York City 1990
Rotator - Unknown 1997 Mix
Roy Davis Jr - Smoothness
Simon Apex - Project Smile (Case 2)
Smileshot - Hardcore Happiness 2001
SpeedyQs - Un Jour Apres
Speedy J - Tribal Gathering 1997
Spencer Kincy - Experiments
Spencer Kincy - Live at Slam (Bonn 1995)
Spencer Kincy - Live at Staple (San Francisco)
Stratus - Flying
Stratus - In The Clouds
Terrence Parker - Detroit Technology Radio Show
Terrence Parker - Detroit Mixtape Promo Mix Sept 96
Terrence Parker - Live at E-Werk Berlin '96
Terrence Parker - Made In Detroit
Vortex - Rough Housin' Vol. 1
Vortex - Rough Housin' Vol. 2

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+2 #4 acid test mars 2011-12-30 11:48

Thanks so much for the site! I really appreciate your efforts.

Just wanted to let you know that you seem to have an encoding issue with ampersands in links. Go here:


.. And try to look at the "Breakbeats & Pianos" mix. The encoding is messed up, so you'll end up with a 404 unless you manually change the URL. Same issue with one of his other mixes that also contains an ampersand.

Thanks again for your great work.
0 #3 Andrew Pearce 2011-06-20 20:58
also....dope fucking updates as of late. =)
0 #2 Andrew Pearce 2011-06-20 20:57
Who are you guys using to host currently? I started my site up a couple months ago with Dreamhost and to my knowlege I have unlimited storage and bandwith. Granted I haven't pushed the limit's to where you guys are, but may be worth looking into. I also have a friend who is starting his own Apache server, but I don't know the status of that as of yet. I'll ring him up for ya.
+1 #1 phixed 2011-06-20 09:53
We can't stress enough how much we need your support here! Anything you can donate would be amazing, helping us find a new home to host the site would be even more so!!!

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