129 DJs. 258 New Mixes. Yes, It's Been Awhile!
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Saturday, 09 April 2011 10:34

It's been months since we've updated this page but those following us on Twitter or Facebook will have noticed that we've been adding mixtapes regularly.  258 new mixes since the last time we updated the home page!  There are so many fantastic new mixes that we can't choose a couple favorites like we normally do but trust us when we say the quality of these mixes is as high as ever.  

At the same time our traffic continues to climb and is higher than ever!  

You guys are awesome and your support is the best!  Keeping with the underground athestic, we are running this without ads or paywalls and are heavily dependent upon our users to help pay for the bandwidth associated with hosting over 1000 mixtapes so please, if you have never donated or if it's been awhile since you have donated consider helping us out.  Any amount no matter how large or small is very much appreciated and goes straight into keeping this site up and running!

The full list of new mixes (compiled by the amazing Dica) comes after the jump.

Abel - Los Angeles Hardcore
Adam X - NYC 1: Define the Sonic Groove
Anabolic Frolic - Live at Hullabaloo 97 + 98
Andy Hughes - Lost In Music
Angel Alanis - Live at Liquid Adrenaline Time Warp 5
Bad Boy Bill - B96 Dance Party 1990/1991, Live at Dockland, Live at Effective
Baseck - Noisedik
Bazooka - IRQ Vector Visit (vs Double D)
Bob - 08052001, Demo III Live at the Double Door, Pioneer, The Hardest Mix Known To Man, Unknown Demo
Bogdan Raczynski - Live at Even Furthur 1999
Brisk - 4 Beat Fantasy, The LA-London Assault 
Cirillo - Live at Cocorico 1993
Colette - Floating By
Curley - Flying 1, Flying 2
Damien & Xian - Live 4 on 4
Dan DC - Busted!
Dan Efex - Live at Acidic Opera, Live at Trust 3 InfinitE
Dano - Live @ EQ2 Germany '94
Darkraver - Unknown 1993 Mixtape
Darrell Woodson - Harmonics
Dave Trance - Caffeine Exclusive
David Hollands - Pool Party, Midnight Train To Moscow
Deadly Buda - Intro, Morph Beats, Seduction, Old School, Pornobeats 2000
Demigod - The Black Gate, Ultima, Atrocities (vs Ron D Core) 
Derrick Carter - DUI, My Thoughts Exactly, Live at Back 2 Basics (5th Birthday) '96, Live at Meltdown '95 Chicago
Destro - Zod Mix 1
Destructo - Untitled Mix
Detroit Grand Pubahs - Live PA at Electronation
Disco D - Ghettronics
DJ Apollo - Live at Atlantis
DJ Bone - Birthday Party Mix (Live at Motor)
DJ Dan - DX1/2/3, 26 Red Happy Stuff (splits w/Ron D Core)
DJ Funk - Live at Ghetto Olympics
DJ Skull - Unknown 1995 Mixtape
DNA - Go Insane
Doormouse - Live at Schizophrenia 1997, Soft & Gentle, Live at White Trash Wrestling 7, Live at Thai Joe's Milwaukee 
Dope-E - Live on Power Tools, Malaysian Moshpits (vs Michael Hemp)
Double D - Therapy 2, IRQ Vector Visit (vs Bazooka)
Dragon J - Army of Darkness, Dragon's Layer
Dutch - High Way 101
Dutchboy - Harmony 3
Edd - Pandemonium (vs Louis Love)
Eric L - Spinal Vinyl, Headache 1 & 2, Speedcore No Limit, Rockum Sockum Robots, Eric L vs DJ Sly, Bloody Mary
Fishead - A State of Insurgency, Adrenal Atrocity, Mutate, Fishmix #5, Live at Darkside 6 
Force & Styles - Simply Electric
Frankie Bones - Factory 35/42/44, Live at Atlantis
Freak - Live at Vibealites 4th Birthday Party '97
Frique - My Society
Gant Garrard - Groove Tha Feelin'
Garth - Live at Metamorphosis St. Louis
Gavitron - Ultrastomp
Gene Farris - Old School Meets New School
Geoff Da Chef - Mean Cuisine
Glenn Underground - Pancake Jazz Part 2
Greedy - Ghetto Workout
Green Velvet - Live at Cheer
Gunrunner - Abstrakt Annihilation
Hoschi - Live at Intellect
Huda Hudia - Live at Zen
Hypnotic 23 - Evil Baptism (vs R.A.W.)
Ixy (of Spiral Tribe) - Live at Teknival '95, Kicking Fidz 
James Christian - Live at Twilo
Jason Splat - Star Wars (vs Menphisto)
Jeff Starlight - Live at Direct Drive Chicago
Joey Beltram - Live in Germany 1996
Josee Angel - Boogie House Vols. 1 + 2
Josh Wink - Live at Emotion St. Louis
Justin Long - Live at Phore Milwaukee
Kage - Beauty & The Speed II
Kaos (of Spiral Tribe) - Live at Teknival '94
Ken & Karl Meier - Live at Direct Drive Chicago
Koo Kane - Hell Levels (vs Tron), Live on Powertools 1995
Lancinhouse - Live at Number One
Lenny Dee - Live at Universe Big Love, Live at Omen Frankfurt, Live at Number One, Industrial Strength Hardcore '96 
Louis Love - Pandemonium (vs DJ Edd), Love Core 1/2/3 (vs Ron D Core)
Mark Almaria - Sol, Look Ahead (white tape), Turn It Out (green tape)
Mark Farina - Live at Acidic Opera, Toe Stop... Push
Mark N - Something Else For You To Bitch About, This Is Really Hardcore Because It's Got Some Skulls On It
Menphisto - Star Wars (vs Jason Splat)
Merlin - Merlin I, Merlin II, Phase 3
Michael Hemp - Malaysian Moshpits (vs Dope-E)
Miles Maeda - Electribal Skull Dubbery
Milton & Urban - Rowdy Rowdy
Mindcontroller - Hardcore Happiness '97, Hardcore Happiness 2001 
Muppetfucker - Live on KVRX, Dropkick, Duotone 3, Rainbow Blast, Sugar Coated, Sunny Days, Whippasnappa
Mystic Bill - Delirium, Live at Direct Drive Chicago
Nasenbluten - Live at Wobble 1993, Live at Jurassic Rave 1994, Live at NCL Scum 2000
Nickey Fingers - Unknown 1994 Mix
Nikadeemas - Goin' Back To Cali, Acieed House, Jump To The Beat, Old School Acid House Mixtape, Tape #132/146/159/169, Live at the Park Ave Nightclub in Portland '92, GTO Mastermix, Hard Acid Mix, NY3, Old School Jungle Mix, DIS@Techno Mix, Drop Bass Network Mastermix, Industrial Strength Mastermix, Ode De Freddie Fresh Mastermix, Stereotyped, Extremely Hard, Spiral Tribe Mix, PCP Mix, In The Mix, Techno Mix
Noel - Recorded at Terry Mullan & Merlin's Apartment 1993
Omar Santana - Live at The Frog
Paul Johnson - I'm Back Jack 
Paulina Taylor - Bounce, Harmonic Fusion, Joy Division, Slam Evil, Smiling, The LA-London Assault, Harmony, Harmony 3, Thunder Opera, Thunder Opera II 
R.A.W. - Evil Baptism (vs Hypnotic 23), Hellborn (50 Levels Deep)
Ramos - Hardcore Alliance
Richard Devine - Live at Even Furthur 1999
Robert Armani - Techno Mania
Robin - Funny Farm 1/2 (vs Ron D Core), Possessed (vs Ron D Core)
Ron D Core - DX2 Vol 1/2/3 (splits with DJ Dan), DX2 Live @ No-Doz Reunion (with DJ Dan), 26 Red Happy Stuff (split with DJ Dan), Psychotic Episodes '92, Acid Test Vols. 1/2/3, Born In The North, Born In The South, Dr Freecloud's Mixing Lab, Love Core Vols. 1/2/3 (vs Louis Love), Caution Acid!, Cluster Fuck, Medical Mayhem Mixtape, Atrocities (vs Demigod), No-Doz After Hours, Funny Farm 1/2 (vs Robin), Possessed (vs Robin) 
Ron Hardy - Live at Edge Of The Looking Glass
Sativa - Northside Chronicles Vol. 10 + 11
Scott Richmond - Live at Voodoo
Sleepy C - Live at Meltdown '95 Chicago
Slipmatt - Hardcore Happiness Vol. 3
Slugo - Cardboardbooty
Sly - Eric L vs DJ Sly
Speed Freak - Live PA (as Biochip C) at Decadence DBN NYE
Spiral Tribe - Live in Berlin '94
Spree - Blizzard
Steve Energy Crawford - Ghetto Mix 1992
Stompy - Live in LA NYE 1997, Pure Simplicity
Strange Loop - Brain Massage
Synergy - Live at Smartbar 2001
Teknoman - Happiercore Hardercore, The House Fucker
Terry Mullan - Live at Emotion St. Louis, Unknown Toronto Set
The Dever - Worldly Manner
The Producer - Live at Universe Big Love
Thomas - Live at Emotion St. Louis
Traxx - Move
Tron - Industrial Asylum, Eye Grind Disturbance, Persistence of Time, (Un)Lie.V_001, Hell Levels (vs Koo-Kane)
Twinkleboi - Happy Hardcore On Four Turntables
Unibomber - Do A Trick Or Something
Venetian Snares - Live Mix on Brave New Waves
Venom - Happy Hardcore 8: Sinister Smiles
Vicious Vic - Live at Fantastic
X-Dream vs. Gonzo
Xian & Damien - Live 4 on 4
Yellow Smiley - Speedcore No Limit (vs Eric L), Hardcore Dreams
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